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Other Heather Poland?   2 comments

Not everyone with the name Heather Poland loves me like you do Heather. Who’d have thought?

I was reading a blog written by Heather Poland. Not you of course, just someone else lucky enough to have your name. Her posts sort of sounded like they could have been written just so I would read them and understand myself a little better. Add in the fact that she’s using your name and I had to comment on her posts. Nothing bad, just saying that I found her words relevant to my life.

She deleted my comments. I guess I’m an undesirable in her view of the world. That’s okay, I’ve been misjudged before and I’m sure I’ll be misjudged again. Maybe seeing her name so much here and not knowing what this is about made her nervous. She doesn’t know you and she doesn’t know me so I can see this giving her a bad impression of me. Still, she calls herself a good Christian girl doing the right thing even when it seems unpleasant. She says the burdens of others should be taken on as your own and that ” It’s easy to look at a life, see a weedy mess, and simply decide to keep our perfectly manicured nails out of it. However, in Galatians 6:2, we are instructed to bear one another’s burdens, or in a different translation, “Take on yourselves one another’s troubles, and so keep the laws of Christ”. Yet she erased me from her world. Does this mean she feels that God doesn’t like me? I hope that’s not what she means. Maybe she just wants to keep her nails nice and clean.

Interesting too are her next couple of posts. One about singing through your troubles and one about taking out the trash. Like most everything I encounter, I can interpret that in a few ways. It can be seen as advice to me to not let things bother me and get rid of what eats away at my mind. Or it can be seen as “Lalalalala, I can’t hear you and a subsequent removal of any lingering traces of me. Not that I think it was actually directed at me. But with me being the center of the Universe, everything is about me. Even a blog started around the same time I started this blog looking for Heather Poland, written by someone named Heather Poland and writing about letting things happen as they are meant to and clearing your mind of what doesn’t belong. Yes, even that seems somehow intended for me to read. She should post about unseen guidance toward whatever it is your soul needs to find sometime, just to convince me me.

Either way, I won’t bother her any more. I think her words will eventually help someone who needs it. I don’t want an unpleasant experience with me to stop that from happening.

Keep on writing, fake Heather. You may or may not like me, but I like you. You’re alright, you may even be worthy of your name.


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You know what’s scary Heather Poland?   Leave a comment


No. Not really. You know, I don’t even remember where that came from. Just random I guess. I’ve always been a fan of randomness.

I knew someone who said she admired me because I was so focused. I have no idea what would make anyone think that. My mind is usually pretty scattered. Random scattered thoughts are what I am. The only focus my mind has is you. That’s not really focus though. more like harmless obsession.

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True of Heather the flower, true of Heather Poland   Leave a comment

“I said to her, What do you think is the most beautiful sight in the world? Have you ever seen anything that makes you think it possible that there is a God? Without the least hesitation she replied, Yes, the mountains covered with Heather.”

– Dr Edward Bach, 1934

“She said to me, What do you think is the most beautiful sight in the world? Have you ever seen anything that makes you think it possible that there is a God? Without the least hesitation I replied, Yes, those same Heather covered mountains when Heather Poland is there to bring out the true beauty of the flowers.”

– Me, always

You used to say that Heather is an ugly weed. I disagree.

But then, you never saw how beautiful you are either.

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